Features for Brand Managers

Receive instantly proposal from influencers, select the ones that correspond most to your audience and image.
Receive and publish authentic content that will increase your customer base and brand awarness.
Set your campaign brief, targeted influencers, social networks and publish it for free on Kamopi market place.

How does it works?

  • Publish a campaign

    Publish your campaign, choose your target audience (age, country, social interest), indicate your budget per influencer...
  • Receive proposals

    Receive the maximum of proposals and select the best influencers to promote your products.
  • Validate the content

    The influencer retained will send you a link to the content realized to validate. Once the content is validated we will proceed to the influencer payment.
  • Analyse the compaign return

    Your campaign is live, you can now follow directly on Kamopi the return and performance. We will display the number of views, clicks, CTR and CPC per campaign and influencer.