As traditional marketing tactics are fading very fast, as people trust people and authenticity we have created Kamopi to connect influential creators with leading brands to produce and distribute content. Brands receive influential content and shareable stories that drive awareness. Creators are compensated for their participation and partnership.

Identify your best ambassadors

On Kamopi you will quickly identify and invite your best, authentic, social influencers and brand ambassadors to participate into your campaigns.

Right content, right people

Social influencers will deliver tailored, authentic social content that inspires product awareness and purchasing decisions to your consumers across hundreds of networks.

Analytics & Reporting

Track, monitor and measure the performance of each campaign and each influencer content in one single dashboard that includes comprehensive analytics.

Our services

On Kamopi brands and influents creators will collaborate on their own terms and conditions. 

Content creators will find quality sponsored campaigns for their YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and devote their time on their audience and influence development.

At the same time, we offer to brands two complementary solutions, providing both owned content creation and paid sponsorships for amplification.


Leverage the power of social media influencers and web writers to produce custom sponsored content and distribute it natively through their social channels (sponsored blog posts, videos, photos, tweets and sampling, influencer events). A very efficient way to tell your stories and reach a larger audience, more faithful and sensitive to social media gurus’ recommendations.

Owned content

Utilize our network of creators to produce high quality content for use on your owned and operated sites, within native advertising or other marketing materials: feature stories, articles, blog posts, white papers, expert interviews, infographics, motion videos ….


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