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Kamopi is an fully automated platform dedicated to analyse and manage influence marketing campaign. On Kamopi we connect brands to social gurus for content creation that will be shared with million of engaged fans and followers on YoutuBe, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
The access to Kamopi platform is completely free. After your subscription, your social dasboard is generated for your to follow your social KPIs. We only take a percentage of the transaction amount negociated with a brand manager for campaign.
As we said in english "sharing is caring", when you share Kamopi good news we will get more campaigns for you. To share the news you can easily click on the button "invite friend"inside the platform and write your message. Let's share and spread Kamopi news.

Brand manager

You can manage your blogger relations without any platform but Kamopi offers a range of benefit that will help you save time and money. You publish your campaign for free (you set your budget for the content creation per influencer), then you select the influencer based on social KPIs, you track all the communication and information shared with your selected influencers in a single point and last but not least you follow the return still on Kamopi.
Absolutely and we encourage you ! To do so, please click on "invite a friend" button then type the email addresses and your message. They will receive a message to join you in the great Kamopi family and apply to your campaigns.
The more information you give about your campaign, your product, services and requirements the more proposal you will receive and the more professionnal the content will be. Make sure you include the link to led the influencers fans, a great description of your product, particular hashtag. You also have to specify the content type you wish (on Youtube we have "haul" or "monthly favorites"...). Last but not least do not forget to indicate on which social network the content must be published by the influencer.
All campaigns are live once you activate the publish button, but we also review them in order to not having campaigns that not respect our guidelines and ethical standards. If for some reasons you dont see your campaign on your campaign page, please send us an email care(at), we let you know the reason why it is not online.
As a brand you pay to Kamopi each time you validate a proposal. Once the campaign is funded, we open a "workroom" between you and this influencer to arrange further details about the content. We keep the fund until the content is validate by you and go live by the influencer. All these steps are managed online through our workflow.


You spend hours creating videos, writing articles, taking pictures for your blog and YouTube channel, it is real passion. Thinks to your authenticity, you have acquired a trust and faithful audience. Today, cosmetics and fashion industries profit has increased drastically and it is somehow thanks to your content. At Kamopi we believe that this time spent by you to produce brand and product content can be monetised. We offer you the possibility to why not live and earn money thanks to your passion, influence and audience. Join us now is free.
Not at all, you just need to be an active influencer, have a blog where you publish your content to join the community. But, remember to be selected by a brand for a content creation campaign your audience (even small) must be really engaged and your influence real.
When a brand launch a sponsoring campaign is to raise awarness about a product or a service, boost a point of sale visit... In order words, the objective are to boost revenue and the challenge are really important. We beleive that a brand will not contract an influencer that will not bring the maximum coverage expected and that will also not be in accordance with its corporate image. Therefore we advise you to link as many as social accounts you have in order for your social KPIs to be accurate. Today we have integrated 4 social platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter et Instagram), the more platform you link to Kamopi the greater your audience, influence.
No you dont have to, if a brand select and validate your proposal for a content creation, the brand manager will send you the products for free. Please note that once the proposal is validated we activate the workroom where you can communicate your details to the brand manager. But if 15 days after your proposal acceptance you still dont receive the product, please feel free to contact the brand (preferably in the workroom space) or Kamopi team at care(at)
Once the content created is validated and published on line we manage the payment. We do payment between 48-72 hours after go live validation by brand manager. You need to indicate in your profile your payment method choice (PayPal or Check). Please note that payment by check can take 1-2 weeks to join you due to Postal deadline depending on where you are based.

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