Features for Influencer

Get rewards each time you publish a content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube et Instagram.
Test the brands and products that you like and give your objective advice to your followers.
Increase your audience and your followers engagement with authentic honnest contents.

How does it works?

  • Choose a campaign

    Sign up on kamopi, link your social networks account and select among the online campaigns the ones that you would like to perform.
  • Send your proposal

    Send your proposal directly to the brand manager in charge of the campaign. Give the maximum details about your, your audience and your abilities to produce to type of content required.
  • Realize and publish your content

    Realize the content, get it validated by the brand and publish to your fans and followers. Our worflow is will guide you through the process and you will be notify anytime an action is done by Brand manager or to be done from your side.
  • Receive your reward

    The content is approved by brand manager and is now online on your social networks. Once brand managers confirms the publication you receive your reward (payments, points or gifs).